• Zoom Phone Türkiye’de

    Zoom Phone in Turkey

    Zoom Phone, which has become a system that reaches 1 million users among all phone systems by being put into use in 46 countries, is in Turkey. The...

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  • Y Kuşağı Hibrit, Gençler Ofis İstiyor

    Y-Generation Hybrid, Youngsters Want Office

    Perhaps contrary to what is expected, young people want to return to the office more. Because they need more socialization. They find it important to develop themselves and...

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  • Evden iletişime Zoom Phone geldi

    Zoom Phone came to communication from home

    In the pandemic period, when working from home has become widespread, communication has also become very important. Many business meetings have started to be held via video conferencing.

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  • Dinamik Çalışma Stiline Sahip Olun

    Have a Dynamic Working Style

    The spread of the ONLINE working system continues to change the way of doing business in every sector. While the hybrid business model, which allows working from both...

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  • Evdeki İş Arkadaşım

    My Work Friend at Home

    Bircom CEO Can İlkhan stated that the interest in Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing and Corporate Headset Solutions has increased in the pandemic, and said that Microsoft Teams...

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  • Bircom ve Zoom Güçlerini Birleştirdi

    Bircom and Zoom Join Forces

    Offering nationwide distribution, localization, training, field installation support, central management services and after-sales services for many global brands, Bircom and Zoom joined forces. Within the scope of the...

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  • Markalar Yarını da Düşünmek Zorunda

    Brands Have to Think About Tomorrow

    We are strengthening our dynamic, pioneering and innovative structure, which has been at the roots of our company since the first day we were founded, day by...

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  • Video Konferansa İlgi Artıyor

    Increasing Interest in Video Conferencing

    Bircom, the foundations of which were laid in the 1970s, is a company that provides nationwide distribution, localization, training, field installation support, central management services and after-sales services...

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  • Hologramla İş Toplantıları Gerçek mi Olacak?

    Will Hologram Business Meetings Be Real?

    Technology has recently changed the habits of the business world. Virtual reality and hologram technology will gather 'virtual' managers at the same table in the near future, after...

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  • Bircom, Yine En Hızlılar Arasında

    Bircom, Again Among the Fastest

    Bircom took part in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey 2018 program, which is conducted by Deloittel to determine the fastest growing technology companies in Turkey.

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