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My Work Friend at Home

Bircom CEO Can İlkhan stated that the interest in Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing and Corporate Headset Solutions has increased in the pandemic, and said that Microsoft Teams and Zoom Integrated Products Have Become Indispensable for Online Meetings.

With the coronavirus, remote working is becoming permanent. While many companies send their employees home, the hybrid working model is expected to be adopted after the pandemic. The biggest assistant of those working from home is undoubtedly technology products. Offering video conferencing , audio conferencing and corporate headset solutions for workplaces, Bircom also helps employees stay connected with its Zoom collaboration. Bircom CEO Can İlkhan pointed out that the interest especially in corporate solutions has increased with the coronavirus and said, “Last year, we achieved a great success and managed to grow our company by 25 percent on a dollar basis. We can say that we have achieved a growth of over 35 percent, especially with our corporate integrated communication systems and headset product group. The growth in headphones is over 50 percent year on year. In addition, due to the fact that the majority of the meetings take place remotely; There is an increase in the sales of our conference system , camera and speaker products. In particular, we see that companies are making bulk purchases to support their workers from home.”

Expressing that as Bircom, world-renowned brands such as Yealink and Grandstream offer solutions, İlkhan said, “For employees who want to live their homes in office order and quality, we strengthen their working environment by isolating them from ambient noise and the sounds inside the house, with corporate headphones with Active Noise Cancellation. Again, we bring together those who want to have multiple calls with their customers with EPOS-Sennheiser 's audio conferencing solutions with Microsoft Teams integration. We are also preparing a system for companies that use Yealink video conferencing systems in their companies, where they can easily collaborate with team workers, business partners, project teams or customers through a single link. The system, which will support 10 thousand users, makes meetings and distance education mobile with screen sharing and uninterrupted video display thanks to its features.
Expressing that they also offer integrated solutions in cooperation with Zoom, İlkhan said: We aim to combine the experience of Bircom with the global power of Zoom during the pandemic process. While the number of Zoom's daily meeting participants was around 10 million globally in December 2019, this number exceeded 200 million in March 2020. As of April 2020, the number of daily meeting participants has exceeded 300 million. Meeting times, which were more than 100 billion in total in January 2020, increased to over 3 trillion in September 2020. Zoom platform; It is frequently used by the education sector, the pharmaceutical industry, senior executives and, in general, personnel who need to make external interviews in almost every sector. With its easy use and video communication-oriented structure, the platform is frequently preferred by government institutions and universities. We will meet the needs of online meetings by integrating our communication solutions, which are among our product portfolio, into Zoom products.


Pointing out that the problems experienced in the supply of chips in the world also affect electronic products negatively, İlkhan said, “Sometimes disruptions may occur in the supply-demand balance due to component deficiencies that affect production all over the world. This disruption creates an imbalance in demand and unfortunately affects prices negatively. Due to the problem in supply, the hikes reaching up to 5 percent for now have come and continue to come," he said. “

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