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Our Value

Perfect Customer Experience

Contentment of everyone in our ecosystem is one of our main values. We strive to offer a satisfactory jurney to our customers, prospects alike. We know who they are, we understand their expectations and we offer the best suited products to them. Their purchasing decision is just a step in our long term relationship with us, as we care a lot in our aftersales processes.

At 49, Steadily and full of success

We have just accomplished our 49 years of corporate existence using a formula of seeking rapprochement and adding good technology and customer feedback, this with no compromise of our basic tenets.
We have modernized our self policing activities making them accessible for our counterparts and stakeholders.
Our corporate vision placing the power of communication among its primary criteria enabled us to be one of fastest growing companies of Turkey, which has been a motivation that we ever kept.
Today, we bear the responsability of being the company introducing the newest technologies to our country since almost half a century, a responsability we will proudly bear in the future.


Nice Technology

Our corporate culture at Bircom is clear and simple. We are innovative, flexible and we adapt. We are a team passionate about our jobs. Each and every one of our teammate’s day to day actions are just an expression of this. We pursuit the succes and embrace the joys and the challenges on our way.



Hifilife is located in Kanyon AVM and Coliseum Acarkent as an experience center that offers exclusive collections of technology companies such as Sennheiser, KEF, Audioengine, Bluesound, NAD and Oehlbach.


Bircom R&D

Approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Bircom’s R&D Center is working on innovative solutions. We are aiming both local and global markets.

Our Sales Points

Consumer Electronics

Hifilife is the combination of 'High Fidelity' (Hi-Fi), which represents loyalty to live music, and the word 'Life', which represents how this loyalty takes a form of life.

B2B Platform

Our B2B platform offers uninterrupted and secure service and opportunities to our business partners.

Distributor Guarantee

The world leading brand’s official page offering excellent customer experience on audio technology products.