Zoom Platformları ile Toplantıdan Daha Fazlası': İletişimin Geleceğini Birlikte Keşfettik

'More Than Meetings with Zoom Platforms': We Discovered the Future of Communication Together

Zoom stands out as a leading platform in terms of flexible and effective communication solutions required by the modern business world. We organized our event called 'More than Meetings with Zoom Platforms' to discuss and explore the diversity and broad features of the solutions offered by Zoom.

At this event, we had a rich session about Zoom Phone, Zoom Contact Center and Zoom Rooms. These solutions offer important tools to meet the communication needs of our age and shape the communication expectations of the future. Together with the participants, we examined these technologies in depth and discussed how they can be integrated into business processes and increase business efficiency.

One of the most exciting moments of the event was our raffle. Our lucky participants had the opportunity to crown this experience with special gifts.

Discovering the latest innovations and trends in communication solutions allows us to provide the best service to our customers and business partners. This event, organized to learn and discover together, became a valuable part of this process.

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