Müşteri Hizmetleri ve Deneyimi Zirvesi'nde Güçlü Bir Ses Deneyimi Vizyonu

A Powerful Voice Experience Vision at the Customer Service and Experience Summit

Understanding the importance of investing in voice to create a strong customer experience and embracing this vision is vital in today's business world. This fact was discussed extensively at the 10th Customer Service and Experience Summit.

At this event, our CEO Can İlkhan and Quality and Performance Manager Baran Karabulut from Türkiye Sigorta & Türkiye Hayat Emeklilik had an informative and enjoyable conversation. In this conversation, they discussed how EPOS products transform the customer experience. They showed how the power of voice transforms customer experience and improves business performance.

In addition, we organized a raffle at the event and had the opportunity to offer a special surprise to our lucky participants. This surprise further increased the energetic and lively atmosphere of our event.

It's these precious moments, we invite you to discover the power of sound and continue this exciting journey. We share this wealth of experience and knowledge with you to help shape the future of customer experience.

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