Our Customer Policy

A meeting point with the good.

Bircom includes everyone who is interested in its products and services in its ecosystem as its customers, and considers their happiness as the most fundamental value. It knows and understands its customers and offers the most accurate products to meet their expectations. It aims to produce uninterrupted solutions by keeping all communication channels open, such as telephone, e-mail, live chat, social media, face-to-face, as well as before the sale. It approaches the feedback received from all these channels fairly, objectively and impartially, and considers it as an opportunity to improve itself. It attaches importance to the privacy of its customers' personal data and adheres to these principles in all processes.

Easy Accessibility

Uninterrupted communication by ensuring that all communication channels are always open.

Quick Return

Technical solution guarantee for requests in maximum two days.

Strong Technical Service

Continuous technical support that is expert in the field, adequate and trained.

After Service

Satisfaction follow-up of the after-service service.