Bircom ve Zoom Güçlerini Birleştirdi

Bircom and Zoom Join Forces

Offering nationwide distribution, localization, training, field installation support, central management services and after-sales services for many global brands, Bircom and Zoom joined forces. Within the scope of the cooperation, video communication solutions will be offered to institutions and SMEs.

Being a pioneer in its sector, Bircom continues to offer the most comprehensive solutions to the needs of corporations in the field of informatics and telecom, in line with the most advanced technologies, with high customer satisfaction. Bircom, which joins forces with Zoom, which provides video, audio, content sharing and chat solutions, is ready to serve its customers as an authorized Zoom partner, enabling businesses and organizations to communicate seamlessly in the online environment.

The demand for online dating continues to increase. In this context, the needs and demands of institutions for online communication solutions continue to increase. Being a pioneer in the field of online communication, Zoom continues to offer communication solutions that work flawlessly on mobile devices, desktop computers, telephone and meeting room systems. Aiming to create an efficient and fast communication network with Zoom, which has more than 2,500 employees, 1,396 of which are in the USA and 1,136 in international locations, Bircom will provide a perfect customer experience and a quality technical support service.

We Combine the Global Power of Zoom with the Bircom Experience

Underlining that they aim for a long-term cooperation, Bircom CEO Can İlkhan said, “The coronavirus has made working from home an option, which is possible in many countries, including our country. As Bircom, we offer professional solutions to meet the needs of companies transitioning from home to work environment with our video conference, audio conference and corporate headset solutions. We joined forces with Zoom with this cooperation that will expand the scope of the solutions we offer. In this process, we aim to combine the experience of Bircom with the global power of Zoom in terms of marketing activities and technical support.”
Emphasizing that they aim to increase the quality of online meetings with complementary products within Bircom,
İlkhan said, “We aim to expand the scope of our communication solutions that we offer to institutions, and we will also provide headsets, cameras and workstation solutions with high sound quality for personal use and staff working from home. We will provide integrated solutions for online meeting needs by integrating our integrated communication solutions, which are among our product portfolio, into Zoom products.”
Evaluating the cooperation, Zoom EMEA Region President Ravi Patel underlined that they aim to achieve many successes within the scope of cooperation. “

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