Markalar Yarını da Düşünmek Zorunda

Brands Have to Think About Tomorrow

We are strengthening our dynamic, pioneering and innovative structure, which has been at the roots of our company since the first day we were founded, day by day. We aim to enable customers to meet their needs and goals with a 'good technology' experience. While we offer products and services together with our 50 years of experience; With our specialized, trained and experienced staff, we guarantee a technical solution to our customers' demands in a maximum of two days, and we also manage the satisfaction tracking of the after-service. Our institution, which keeps all communication channels open and produces an uninterrupted solution both before and after the sale, also has an operation process that operates in a flexible, objective and impartial manner with ISO 10002 customer experience standards and respects the privacy of its customers' personal data. As we constantly state, the telecommunications sector has an extremely dynamic and variable structure, with its structure at the center of digitalization in parallel with technological developments. As Bircom, we continue to change and develop with our young, dynamic and energetic team that keeps up with rapid change. Brands now have to think not only about today but also about tomorrow, and this is part of our vision. That's why sustainability is so important to us. We see investing in the future while shaping the present as a part of our company culture. In line with this, I can say that we have adopted a long-term and sustainable growth strategy. We continue our activities with our projection of both social benefit and growth.

As we act in 2022 by combining our understanding of sustainable success and lasting value with our innovative vision, we aim to support our country in running towards the future as a whole with the entire technology ecosystem.

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