Evden iletişime Zoom Phone geldi

Zoom Phone came to communication from home

In the pandemic period, when working from home has become widespread, communication has also become very important. Many business meetings have started to be held via video conferencing.

Zoom has become one of the most used applications in this area. Zoom has also activated a different feature. Zoom Phone cloud phone service is in use in Turkey. Zoom Phone enables organizations to securely communicate with HD voice quality in more than 40 countries through a single platform. In Turkey, Bircom and Zoom joined forces. Within the scope of cooperation, video communication solutions are offered to institutions and SMEs.

Joined Forces

Bircom CEO Can İlkhan stated that working from home has become an option in the possible business lines after the coronavirus, and said, “We offer solutions to meet the needs of companies that transition to a working environment from home with our video conferencing, audio conferencing and corporate headset solutions. We also joined forces with Zoom. In this process, we combine the experience of Bircom with the global power of Zoom in terms of marketing activities and technical support.”

Noting that they aim to increase the quality of online meetings with the complementary products within Bircom, İlkhan said, "We aim to expand the scope of our communication solutions that we offer to institutions, and we will also provide headsets, cameras and workstation solutions with high sound quality for personal use and for personnel working from home."

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