Hologramla İş Toplantıları Gerçek mi Olacak?

Will Hologram Business Meetings Be Real?

Technology has recently changed the habits of the business world. Virtual reality and hologram technology will gather 'virtual' managers at the same table in the near future, after teleconference and video conferencing.

In the business world, time is more important than money. Face-to-face meeting habits are starting to change due to time spent on the road, costs and many different reasons. The transformation process, which started with teleconference, continues with video conferencing. In the near future, virtual reality seems to become a trend for the business world after the entertainment world. In the medium term, meetings will be held with hologram technology, just like in science fiction movies. Employees will communicate as if they are in the same room, without wasting time and money on the road. Can İlkhan, CEO of Bircorn, which has been the distributor of many technology brands in Turkey since 1972 and is in the sector with its own brands, gives clues about the future of communication in the business world.

What does millennial want? Explaining that Generation Y business people do not want to attend meetings by making long trips, İlkhan states that they generally prefer video conferencing systems. This allows managers to devote more time to their social lives while saving time and costs. Saying that they offer many technologies from video conferencing solutions to call center and office ears, from IP phones to VoIP communication products, İlkhan emphasizes that communication costs of SMEs are also reduced with new technologies. Believing that hologram technology has not yet reached the point where it will be offered to the end user, İlkhan says that for now, the most popular technologies are video conferencing and virtual reality. Virtual reality / augmented reality is expected to develop rapidly in the professional world, as in the game world. In Turkey, meeting in a meeting room is still seen as the primary form of communication. However, it is getting harder and harder to maintain this habit with heavy traffic and work tempo.
Half of the shift is on the road An average of one hour is spent on the road, especially for a meeting to be held in Istanbul. return or next
A similar time is needed for the meeting. This means that someone who has to hold three meetings a day spends at least three hours a day on the road. In other words, almost half of the shift is spent on the road or in a meeting. As unanswered e-mails and follow-up tasks pile up, employee motivation decreases. While research suggests face-to-face communication for initial meetings, video conferencing is more productive in subsequent meetings.

Meeting hours are getting shorter Can İlkhan explains the effect of the technologies used on meeting hours as follows: “Our observations are that meeting hours are shortened positively and meetings are held more efficiently. Especially the teams that have the chance to come together more often, can evaluate a subject or project with short and subject-oriented meetings whenever they need instead of holding long and inefficient meetings.”

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