Yealink Cihaz Yönetim Platformu: IT Biriminin İşini Ne Kadar Kolaylaştırır?

Yealink Device Management Platform: How Easier Does It Make the IT Department's Job?

Yealink's Advanced Device Management Platform (YDMP) enables businesses to effectively manage their phone systems. Featuring a web-based, user-friendly interface, this platform allows easy management of multiple Yealink devices. So, what kind of benefits does this platform provide for IT units? We will discuss it in detail below.

Management from a Single Center with Yealink

Yealink YDMP offers the opportunity to manage all devices from a single platform. This makes it easier for the IT department to do their job without having to manage devices in different locations separately. Thanks to grouping features, devices for different departments, locations or functions can be divided into separate categories.

Automatic Deployment and Configuration

With YDMP, it is possible to automatically distribute devices on the platform as soon as they are connected to the network. This saves time and resources by eliminating the manual installation and configuration process of IT departments.

Real-Time Monitoring and Diagnostics

The platform can analyze the operating status of devices and call quality in real time. Additionally, thanks to the online diagnostic feature, any problem can be detected and resolved immediately.

Security and Compliance

YDMP is designed to comply with data protection laws such as GDPR. This ensures that businesses and IT units can use the platform without worrying about security.

Flexible Authorization and Sub-Administrators

More than one sub-administrator can be created and different authorities can be assigned to these administrators. This allows large IT teams to work more effectively.


YDMP can manage up to 30,000 devices in a standard deployment and up to 100,000 devices in a cluster deployment. This means businesses can easily meet their IT needs as they grow.

Yealink Device Management Platform

Yealink Device Management Platform is a vital tool for modern businesses. The convenience and flexibility it offers, especially for IT units, accelerates business processes and increases efficiency. Equipped with many important features, from security to flexibility, from automatic distribution to real-time monitoring, this platform offers a solution that makes the job of the IT department easier.

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