Yealink RoomPanel: Modern Toplantı Yönetimini Devrimleştiren Ürün

Yealink RoomPanel: Revolutionizing Modern Meeting Management

In today's fast-paced business world, when remote teams and flexible working conditions become the norm, the importance of effective meeting room management increases even more. Yealink RoomPanel is a professional, multi-functional room booking device that fills the gap in this field. Here are the main features and benefits this product offers.

Yealink RoomPanel Features and Advantages

Modern and Stylish Design

It is ideal for modern workplaces with its slim and compact design and elegant metal appearance. Thanks to anti-fingerprint display technology and light and proximity sensors, the 8-inch touchscreen delivers a superior visual and interactive experience.

Bright LED Bars, Room Status at a Glance

Checking whether the meeting room is suitable is now much easier thanks to colored LED bars. Double-sided curved, full-RGB LED bars feature customizable color settings for high visibility from any angle.

Enterprise Level Capabilities

  • Increased network stability and efficiency for wireless deployment with dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi module.
  • Extra features such as Bluetooth gateway and automatic reservation/release with dual Bluetooth 5.0 chips.
  • Advanced authentication and participant login with NFC/RFID support.
  • Embedded microphone array and dual speakers for additional features like virtual assistants or executive calls in the future.

Broad Platform Compatibility

Yealink Workspace Management Platform is compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom and other third-party meeting platforms. In this way, you can choose for different meeting scenarios and environments.

Simple Setup, PoE Support

With PoE and DC power supply support, RoomPanel can be easily and time-savingly installed with the equipment provided for mounting on concrete walls/glass/wood and other surfaces.

Efficient Remote Management

With Yealink Workspace Management Platform and Yealink Management Cloud Services, all meeting room devices and programs can be easily monitored, managed and analyzed.

Yealink RoomPanel offers a highly customizable and user-friendly solution that responds to the dynamic needs of the modern business world. In this way, meeting room reservations can now be made smoothly, effectively and efficiently.

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