Yealink DeskVision A24 ile İK Mülakat Sürecinizi Dönüştürün: Masaüstü İşbirliğinin Geleceği

Transform Your HR Interview Process with Yealink DeskVision A24: The Future of Desktop Collaboration

The world has adopted a hybrid working environment, bringing a range of opportunities and challenges for Human Resources departments across different industries. While video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Teams have been a savior for remote interviews and meetings, wouldn't it be great to make things even easier with a device that offers an integrated solution for desktop collaboration? This is where Yealink DeskVision A24 comes into play.

Yealink DeskVision A24 Features and Benefits

  • Integrated Design, Easy Installation and Deployment : Yealink DeskVision A24 combines a 23.8-inch touch screen, 4K camera, microphones and stereo speakers. It does not require complicated installation and connection, it can work with just one power cable.

  • Excellent Audio Experience : DeskVision A24 features deep learning-based intelligent noise cancellation and echo cancellation algorithms that offer the user an ultra-high-definition full-duplex calling experience.

  • Dual Mode Integration : Can be used as a PC monitor or a standalone video conferencing system.

  • Teams/Zoom Certified : Certified for Teams and Zoom, so you can easily switch between communication platforms.

What is the Importance of Conference Platforms for Human Resources?

1. Flexibility and Efficiency

Yealink DeskVision A24 allows you to manage interviews and conversations via Teams or Zoom more effectively. Since the device has the Android operating system, you can run Teams or Zoom applications directly on the device.

2. Less Complexity, More Focus

This device reduces the number of devices and deployment complexity on the desktop with its USB tethering function and PD power supply. This is especially convenient for those working from home and senior management.

3. Professional Quality Video and Audio

Thanks to its 4K camera and high-quality microphone and speakers, you can communicate between candidates and recruiters as effectively as a face-to-face meeting.

4. Easy to Use

Thanks to its touch screen and interface, operations such as adding participants, muting the microphone or adjusting the volume are extremely easy during a video conference.

5. Safe and Reliable

The device offers emergency calls, hot desking and many more features, making it an ideal solution for HR departments.

All in all, Yealink DeskVision A24 is an easy-to-use, high-quality desktop collaboration solution that is fully compatible with platforms such as Teams and Zoom. It can transform interview processes by bringing together all the tools that Human Resources departments need.

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