EPOS EXPAND Serisi: Akıllı Ofisler için Geleceğin İşbirliği Çözümleri

EPOS EXPAND Series: Future Collaboration Solutions for Smart Offices

The business world is changing rapidly and EPOS comes up with the EXPAND series for new working environments. Face-to-face meetings in modern offices are being replaced by online meetings with hybrid working models. This is where the EPOS EXPAND series comes into play. Optimized specifically for collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams, this product series offers exceptional audio quality and a full HD video experience.

One-Touch Convenience

EPOS EXPAND series has a user-friendly interface. It is possible to join meetings with a single touch. This means employees won't have to deal with technical problems before joining the meeting. Less mess, more productivity.

Intelligent Audio and Video with EPOS AI™

EPOS' advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology provides clear audio and full HD video quality. This allows participants to see and hear each other crystal clear. Thanks to its noise canceling features, background sounds are minimized. This increases focus and increases the potential for collaboration.

Suitable for Hybrid Working Models

In the post-pandemic era, the hybrid working model is becoming increasingly popular. EPOS EXPAND series provides uninterrupted communication between those working from home and those in the office environment.

Reliability and Durability

High quality materials and superior engineering make the EPOS EXPAND series a long-term investment. The products maintain their high performance even in daily use.

The EPOS EXPAND series of meeting solutions combines the flexibility, reliability and superior performance required by the modern business world. With features such as easy one-touch access, artificial intelligence-supported audio and video quality, and suitability for hybrid working models, this series takes collaboration and productivity to a new level. Now is the time to redefine the way we collaborate.

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