Eğitimde EPOS ve Zoom İşbirliğinin Rolü

The Role of EPOS and Zoom Collaboration in Education

of EPOS ADAPT And IMPACT Series headphones deliver premium audio experiences to help K-12 students, college students and educators.

Headphones not only offer students sound quality, but also consider their comfort with their unique comfort. In addition, it is at the advanced class of its class with its durability. It is suitable for students of all ages and offers easy portability due to its lightness.

With this collaboration, it makes it easier for teachers to create online classes. These days where uninterrupted communication is important Zoom and EPOS quality training has become the choice of both students and instructors. These two components, which are the ideal duo with HD video quality and quality sound, have become important elements for educational life in recent times. While Zoom, a cloud video conferencing platform, allows students and teachers to participate in classes from anywhere, the EPOS ADAPT series, which considers mobility, also provides a perfect fit. Various headsets from the EPOS IMPACT series can be offered for students and instructors who want to benefit from the wired technology system. You can attend classes from anywhere with these headphones, which have noise filtering features. Additionally, thanks to their wide range of series and versions, headphones can be chosen to suit every budget. All ADAPT and IMPACT headphones protect your ear health and prevent acoustic shocks with EPOS ActiveGard® technology. Zoom and EPOS brands, which work to increase productivity in every sector they enter, also offer many conveniences for the education sector. Zoom's customization feature with whiteboard, automatic recording and all kinds of SDKs is of extra importance for educational life. Offering translation opportunities in many languages ​​also enables it to reach a wide range of students. The Zoom EDU package and EPOS ADAPT, IMPACT Series headsets pair seamlessly and quickly, allowing you to start your virtual classrooms in no time. Zoom brings the traditional classroom environment to the virtual level with its hands-raising feature. The combination of EPOS's ubiquitous conversation philosophy and Zoom's ubiquitous learning concepts has provided an effective combination in education for students and instructors. This combination has succeeded in saving time for people living far away and financially for institutions.

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