Zoom İletişim Merkezi Nedir? Neden Tercih Etmeliyiz?

What is Zoom Contact Center? Why Should We Choose?

Zoom is a video-optimized and multi-channel communication hub. Zoom Contact Center combines unified communication with contact center features.

What is Zoom Contact Center?

Combining contact center functionality with Zoom's unified communication solutions, Zoom Contact Center is an independent customer experience solution. Zoom customers using Zoom Meetings, Zoom Phone, and/or Zoom Chat will be familiar as it is part of the Zoom app.

It is designed to strengthen customer experiences and increase efficiency, and by facilitating communication, it strengthens the understanding of collaboration within the team and improves the customer experience.

Visual interaction strengthens the customer experience

Consumers today want a seamless customer experience, and 59% of customers expect companies to offer cutting-edge digital experiences. One of the communication channels where customer demand is intense is video and visual interaction.

According to the researches of 2022 Metrigy CX MetriCast , which includes 1846 global organizations, it is expected that 65% of organizations using visual interaction applications for customer communications will reach 65% by the end of 2022. Organizations using existing video tools can improve their customer experience by creating a communication environment that strengthens customer interaction, is supportive and can empathize with the other party.

Why Choose Zoom Contact Center?

The call fulfillment experience for all Zoom Contact Center agents and managers is part of the Zoom client. Bringing call center functionality to Zoom helps simplify the agent experience, enabling agents to be more productive. Those who manage agents see all interactions, providing up-to-date information across channels.

Zoom is designed to adapt to any organization. It guides agents and manages your analytics to measure results and drive improvement. Includes current time and historical analytics, average service level, waiting time. You can also see completed and rejected calls as well as missed calls.

Integrate the Zoom Contact Center into existing experiences.

Customers can initiate the conversation through the digital channel of their choice, such as an app or even a phone call, and add video if needed. This helps organizations of all types to have meaningful conversations with their customers on the right platform and at the right time. Zoom Contact Center helps customers connect over video, but also supports channels such as voice, SMS and web chat. It can work as a standalone customer experience or integrate with an existing digital platform such as a website, app.

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