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Take happy user experience and easy collaboration to the next level with seamless product integration.

Our portfolio of next-generation room solutions optimized and validated for Zoom makes it easy to bring people together to quickly manage business processes. We are here to help everyone come together with Zoom, easily manage their business processes and stay connected at all times, in your phone calls, video conference calls or when you need to share content.
Bircom's audio and video solutions seamlessly support your Zoom communication. We have a portfolio of Zoom compatible products and solutions from room solutions to conference devices, from small meeting spaces to large meeting rooms, and from headsets to desk phones.
Let's make your experience great together with our optimized and co-certified solutions for Zoom Meetings, Zoom Rooms and Zoom Phone.

One Voice for Zoom with Audiocodes

Solutions for Every Meeting Space with Yealink

Power Your Zoom Meetings with Superior Audio with EPOS

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Yealınk YN-UVC20 USB Camera

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Yealınk UVC30-Desktop USB Camera

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