Muhteşem Bir İftar Etkinliği: İş Ortaklarımızla Birlikte Paylaştığımız Özel Anlar

A Magnificent Iftar Event: Special Moments We Share with Our Business Partners

Iftar is a symbol of sharing, being together and gratitude. We came together with our business partners in an event that further deepens this meaning.

On this special night, while we were with our friends with whom we have created beautiful memories, we once again understood the power of our community and cooperation. We were very happy to see the joy and enthusiasm of each participant on this night, where we shared our commitment to each other and our passion for our work.

We include some of the best memories of our event on our website. Each memory is a reflection of the unique experiences and bonds shared at this special iftar table.

We thank you; To our business partners with whom we shared this iftar event, who accumulated good memories with us and who are always by our side.

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