Aston Martin ve EPOS, Mükemmel İletişim İçin Bir Araya Geliyor: ADAPT 660 AMC Kulaklık

Aston Martin and EPOS Come Together for Perfect Communication: ADAPT 660 AMC Headset

High-end communication and collaboration tools play a vital role in the fast-paced and competitive world of Formula 1. As Bircom, we proudly work with EPOS within the framework of its global audio collaboration with the Aston Martin Formula One™ team.

A perfect example of this collaboration, the ADAPT 660 AMC headset is designed using Aston Martin's original logo, colors and the same fabric belt. With this superior headset, everyone on the track protects their ear health and continues their communication with EPOS assurance.

Visit the Aston Martin Turkey showroom to experience this unique product and discover what perfect communication at the heart of the Formula 1 world means. Go beyond the limits of voice communication with EPOS and Aston Martin!

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