Yealink IP Telefon Fabrika Ayarlarına Döndürme (Factory Reset)

Returning Yealink IP Phone to Factory Settings (Factory Reset)

Method 1: Resetting from the web interface.

1. Log in to the phone's web UI,

2. Go to Settings Upgrade page, press Factory Reset,

3. Press OK to continue , press Cancel to exit. During the reset period, please DO NOT turn off the device. Otherwise, it may damage your device. The whole process may take several minutes. Please wait. After that the device will return to factory settings.

Method 2: Resetting via phone.

1. Press the Menu Soft Key.

2. Go to Settings Advanced User Interface, enter the password to enter.

3. Select Factory Reset. The LCD screen will prompt: ”Warning, Reset Factory Settings”. Press OK to continue.

Method 3: Resetting by pressing the button on the phone.

While on the main screen, long press the “OK” button for about 5 seconds.

CP960 — Long press the HOME button for about 20 seconds.

T56A/T57W/T58A/T58V/VP59/T49G — Long press the “Redial” button for about 5 seconds in standby state.

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