Yealink IP Telefon Log Dosyaları Alma

Getting Yealink IP Phone Log Files

When reporting BUG issues to Bircom, please send us PCAP, Syslog (level 6) and config.bin files for BUG analysis.

1. Log in to the phone web portal , then go to Settings > Configuration page ,

2. Find the Module Log Level and Local Log Level options and set them to 6 and then press Confirm,

3. Find the Export All Diagnostics Files option and Voice Diagnostics, press the Start button

4. Recreate the phone issue you are experiencing,

5. Once the problem is recreated, press the Stop button,

6. Press the Export button to export the diagnostic file. Please note: Please export immediately after testing in case the file is overwritten.

7. Create a case against Bircom and share it with us.

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