Zoom’un Favori Özellikleriyle Toplantılarınız Hem Keyifli Hem Verimli

Your Meetings Are Both Pleasant and Efficient With Zoom's Favorite Features

The Zoom platform has several features that help people from all over the world work together more effectively and efficiently.

What are Zoom Meetings Features?

They are preferred features for making meaningful connections with others, realizing your thoughts, and making your workday enjoyable and easy.

Here are a few of the indispensable Zoom features that make business meetings enjoyable, facilitate and improve your communication:

What are Zoom's enterprise solutions?

Our all-in-one communication and collaboration offering includes Zoom Team Chat, Telephone, Whiteboard, Meetings and more. With these basic solutions, you will be able to access Zoomie's favorite features such as:

Noise Canceling Feature

– We can't control when your pet dog will start barking or when kids decide to play in your workspace, but we can use noise canceling technology to filter out distracting background noise in any environment so your teammates can hear you clearly.

Make Small Improvements to Your Appearance

– We've all had to attend a meeting right after a workout or just before our morning coffee, which is why we love Touch Up My Appearance! It gives your picture screen a softer focus and enhances your digital view in real time.

Switching Between Mobile and Desktop

– Join a meeting while walking the dog, waiting in line for lunch, or picking up a child from school, take your business wherever you go by streaming a Zoom Meeting to your mobile device.

Available/Busy/In Meeting Status in Zoom Team Chat

– Stop wondering if that key stakeholder is around to reply to your message with the Presence indicator that lets you know if someone is available, busy or even in a meeting. If they're busy, use the Notify Me When Available feature to automatically alert you when they're available.

Add a Personal Note

– Sometimes the best way to communicate is not to say a word! Let your colleagues know that you will be out of the office for the day, attending an event, or even provide useful information about yourself with a personal note that appears below your contact information.

More Zoom Features to Make Your Workday Enjoyable and Easier

Well, we couldn't just pick five features because there are so many features on the Zoom platform that help us work better together!

Zoom Team Chat

Remind Me to Reply

– An average working day can pull you in a thousand directions

– Reminders helps you stay on track by letting you set reminders to respond to messages you receive.

Zoom Phone

Voice Message Decryption

– Get a quick scan-to-text transcript of your voicemails and also improves accessibility for hard-of-hearing workers.

Zoom Meetings

Hide Personal Image

– Take a break from staring at your digital self and avoid fatigue with self-hide view that removes your personal video stream from your screen.

Zoom's Whiteboard

Share on Zoom Team Chat

– Instantly share a Whiteboard in chats, channels and groups in Team Chat.

Get the all-in-one package with Zoom Pro.

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