Daha Keyifli Zoom Toplantıları İçin Yenilikler

Innovations for More Enjoyable Zoom Meetings

We look forward to sharing new privileges that will help you stay in touch, increase productivity and have interesting experiences in 2023.

Whether you create your personal avatar, simplify your meetings with meeting templates, or create a learning space in meetings with Q&A, we're excited to see how you use these privileges.

Here are the new privileges you will use in Zoom:

What are Zoom Avatars?

New avatars have been added to the filters section to make your meetings more flexible and fun. In addition to the animal avatars launched last year, these avatars are virtual characters that you can customize to use in your meetings and meetings. Show everyone your “virtual personality” in an original and fun way with lots of customization variations! Avatars allow you to present yourself in motion without needing to appear in the video by mirroring your movements and facial expressions, adding more fun and action to your meetings by offering a more interesting alternative to static profile pictures.

Why are Zoom Avatars needed?

  • Avatars are a great camouflage tool if you don't want to be seen eating during the meeting.
  • Instead of a static profile picture, you can present a more animated image.
  • You can make business meetings, online team cohesion and casual meetings more enjoyable.

Avatars are currently available in beta for all Zoom users worldwide. As you progress through the beta, new facial features, hairstyles and more customization options will be added to create your avatar.

Meeting Drafts

We all know that every meeting is unique. Different types of meetings require different settings, whether you're meeting with clients, designing products or doing team building.

However, fiddling with changing your settings for each type of meeting can take time. To help simplify this process, you can now create, save, and choose from custom meeting drafts that automatically apply the necessary settings to suit your needs.

Three Ready-to-Use Meeting Templates to Help You Use Zoom's Drafts to Simplify Your Jobs Even More:
  • Large Meetings: Best for whole team and general meetings where automatic captions are enabled for all meeting stakeholders and content is automatically saved for later use.
  • Seminars: Ideal for corporate training or university lectures where tougher participant control is required, with meeting stakeholders' settings such as screen sharing disabled.
  • 12-Year Training: A template for K-12 lessons that allows for advanced polls, polls, and quizzes to limit distractions and encourage more student engagement and productivity.

Whether you use one of these new default meeting drafts or customize your own meeting draft; Instead of wasting time using Meeting Drafts and changing settings, you can feel secure and focus on your main idea with the right type of meeting.

How to Use Reactions in In-Meeting Chat on Zoom

In-meeting chat is an important option for sharing comments and information in your Zoom meetings. To enhance the in-meeting chat experience, Zoom is rolling out threads and reactions later this month, which allows meeting participants to create threads in chats and aggregate emoji responses during the meeting. Thus, the chat messages will be more organized and it will be seen clearly how the participants responded to which messages.

How to Do Q&A in Zoom Meetings?

The Q&A feature in Zoom Webinars is a good way to keep webinar attendees engaged. You can now use this feature in your meetings as well. The Q&A feature allows hosts to be more organized by viewing and answering questions from a single tile.

You will no longer need to check meeting chats to make sure you answer all questions in meetings. From the Q&A pop-ups, session owners and co-hosts can view and answer questions, or skip them. Session hosts will be able to determine whether meeting participants can view all questions or only answered questions.

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