Bluetooth Kulaklık Nedir, Avantajları Nelerdir?

What is a Bluetooth Headset, What are its Advantages?

What is a Bluetooth Headset, What are its Advantages?

Bluetooth headphones are stereo headphones that connect to a user's mobile phone, music player, computer or stereo. Bluetooth headphones are no different from wired headphones except for the way they receive and send audio to their drivers. The main purpose of Bluetooth headphones is to act as a converter that converts electrical energy, that is, audio signals, into sound waves. This applies to both wired and wireless headphones.

It works when an analog audio signal passes through the drivers and causes a proportional movement in the diaphragm of the drivers. The movement of the diaphragm moves the air to produce sound waves that mimic the shape of the AC voltage of the audio signal. This headphone diaphragm movement is necessary no matter what kind of driver the headphones have. However, the most common are earphone models of the dynamic type. When these headphones are paired with the device, a network is established, which enables audio transmission.

Thanks to its large ear capsules, it filters the noise. In addition, thanks to the active noise canceling (ANC) technology, it completely focuses you and the other person on the conversation. When considered in terms of active noise canceling technology, EPOS ADAPT bluetooth headphones have a structure that can be used on the go, as well as in the office. Therefore, it can be used as a multimedia headset as well as serving as a call center headset where you can take calls or attend a meeting.

Another important detail when considering headphones with Bluetooth technology is the pairing processes of the headphones with other devices. The easy pairing feature, which is one of the things to consider especially when choosing a headset, prevents bluetooth headset pairing problems. If you buy a fast pairing headset, there will be no problem of transferring the sound to the other party, and the communication between you and the other party will disappear. From this point of view, the EPOS Voice Clarity feature in EPOS headset models offers you a comfortable call.

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of the bluetooth headset and wireless headset models, which we use frequently in daily life as well as in corporate life, comes from the feeling of freedom it offers to the person. These headphones, which are free from the fast pairing offered by Bluetooth technology and the spatial limitations of wired headphones, offer you the opportunity to use them comfortably wherever you are. Whether your choice is EPOS ADAPT 600 on-ear headphones or EPOS ADAPT 400 neckband headphones, it offers you the opportunity to have conversations in the office and in daily life without compromising your sound quality and freedom.

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