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Yeastar Workspace Solutions

What is Yeastar Workplace?

With cloud-based platforms, digital devices and smart sensors communicating with each other, Yeastar Workplace is an interactive workplace planning solution that encompasses modern office and smart meeting rooms, desks and visitor management.

The first step in setting up Yeastar Workplace as a comprehensive solution is to enable the meeting room reservation system to help businesses get away from the hustle and bustle of meeting room booking. Meeting rooms will continue to be important in the business environment, what has changed is just how they support remote workers better than before.

Employee productivity is related to many factors.

In today's new hybrid work norm, one of the unique advantages of the office is to free employees from video conferencing by increasing face-to-face interaction. That's why there is a growing number of businesses placing more emphasis on creating a more dynamic and collaborative work environment that increases productivity.

Workplace planning, space management and even the indoor environment contribute to employee productivity. How do we capture the data needed to serve our workplace transformation? The answer is IoT and smart sensor technology.

Today, communication between teams has become important, the physical world had to be translated into digital format to serve various purposes. As for workplace scenarios, there is actually a lot of data waiting to be uncovered and activated. At this point, smart technologies should come into play.

The smart office is a technology-optimized space made up of several smart devices to connect employees to their work environment. Smart workplace technology helps employees do their jobs in a variety of ways to increase productivity and well-being. In addition, business owners can access real-time data to make stronger decisions. Smart offices are a connected, secure working environment independent of place or time. Companies must use this digital transformation to align technology, people and business processes to increase operational efficiency and achieve corporate goals.

Yeastar saves you the trouble of making meeting reservations with its smart room solutions, as well as making your work easier by integrating with your calendar. You can hold your meetings by talking face to face with your teammates without sacrificing your productivity. Thanks to the Room display, you can follow the meetings, and thanks to the AI ​​sensor, you can report the number of people in the meeting.

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