Zoom'un Kurumlara Kattığı Finansal Değerler

Financial Value Added by Zoom to Institutions

Better Connections, Productivity and Up to 261% ROI with Zoom

A new research study shows that the Zoom unified communications platform delivers a 261% return on investment in less than six months.

“Total Economic Impact of Zoom Unified Communications PlatformTM”, a study commissioned by Zoom and conducted by Forrester Consulting, listed the advantages of those who prefer Zoom as follows:

  • Increase employee productivity by adding up to 52 minutes per employee per week of productivity
  • Accelerating sales cycle efficiency by improving the time to value of sales by 70%
  • Eliminate unnecessary technologies and increase savings

With the introduction of Zoom into the lives of users, both institutions and employees have gained an advantage. While employees save time and increase their productivity, institutions increase their profitability. Thanks to Zoom, companies have prevented office and business travel expenses and started to benefit from the advantages of globalization. So much so that they can talk to people they could not reach or talk to before, regardless of distance, and can easily handle their work. Zoom, which adds a new feature every day, has also entered the world of Metaverse.

With its ease of use and unique features, it is also a reason for preference for users. According to research, one of the biggest reasons why users prefer the application is its ease of use. It makes it easier for you to hold meetings with just one link and offers package opportunities that can be used for every sector. It provides users with an advantage in body language as it is visual. According to the information given by Zoom, one of the elements that will make a meeting the most productive is time. The more concise the meeting, the more constant the focus. There are a lot of distractions in video meetings at home or in a cafe, so you can personalize your background image and help the other party not to be distracted. Based on the principle that few is more, Zoom has determined the ideal meeting minute as 30. User-friendly Zoom improves the quality of meetings with every feature and increases the possibility of the other party to be a potential user. Using Zoom not only provides quality meetings, but also provides a good reputation for companies. Institutions that increase their profitability can experience the freedom of reaching anywhere in the world.

According to the Okta Businesses at Work Report , you can view our article about Zoom here.

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