Video Konferans Sistemleri Nedir? Alırken Nelere Dikkat Etmeliyiz?

What are Video Conferencing Systems? What Should We Pay Attention To While Buying?

What are Video Conferencing Systems? What are Video Conference Prices?

Video conferencing systems, which allow many users in different locations to have video or audio conversations at the same time, are simply an online communication solution. While video conferencing solutions that offer high audio and video quality transmission to users in different locations included technologies that only allowed video calls in the first years, they are preferred by those who prefer corporate video conferencing solutions for their benefits and usage habits with their user-friendly interfaces and features that support effective presentation techniques in the coming years. has been.

With the globalizing world, the spread of working from home and hybrid working models has also led to our needs for video conferencing software and technologies. In this respect, the video conferencing system allows people who work in different locations to have a healthy communication as in face-to-face meetings. In addition to the healthy communication provided by video conferencing, people can easily send their work files to each other and record their online meetings and watch them later.

How Does Video Conferencing Work?

When we examine the working principles of video conferencing, the process of supplying the necessary tools and equipment of the system emerges as an important detail. It is seen that software and hardware-based special tools specific to conferences are used for suitable meeting rooms, portable conference devices, computer and web browsers, which are at the beginning of the working principles of the video conference system. Basically, video conferencing systems consist of high-definition meeting cameras, codec devices and telecommunication devices consisting of microphones. Systems based on these basic principles make it possible for the documents and images of the people attending the meeting to work with integrated conference systems during video conferences and online meetings. Conversion of meeting video and audio information to digital format is done with codec devices. The compression process for the transmission of analog audio and video from the digital communication infrastructure and the transfer of the compressed video and audio of the codecs on the other side to the conference device and television are realized quickly with the selection of the right video conferencing system.

Where is Video Conferencing System Used?

Video conferencing system is a communication system that is preferred by institutions and organizations in different business lines, as it allows meeting just like a physical meeting. Considering that it is used for private meetings of employees, apart from business meetings and meetings in different departments of institutions and organizations, it is used in the areas listed below where video conferencing systems are used.


Internal and External Business Meetings

Due to the interoperability feature of the video conference system, the need to be physically present in the office is eliminated, internal and external business meetings allow online meetings to be held. Optional recording of meetings and sharing of presentations lead to the active use of conference systems in business meetings.


Disaster and Emergency Management

In disaster and emergency management, information transfer via video status report is of great importance in line with the need for instant communication. In this direction, video conferencing systems enable practitioners to take quick action in line with instant information transfer in disaster and emergency situations.

Video Conferencing System in Home Working Models

In line with the hybrid and home working models that take place in our daily lives, employees have the opportunity to work together with the video conference system, regardless of their location. In terms of usage areas, in addition to being a call center operator, remote meetings can be made via video conference in areas that require one-to-one communication, such as online training and online consultancy.


Video Conferencing in Distance Education

Despite the large number of students in educational institutions and schools where the distance education system is implemented, video conferencing enables students to easily exchange information and participate in classes.

Things to Consider in Choosing a Video Conferencing System

The answer to the things to consider when choosing a video conferencing system is first possible with the answers to the questions below for you.

  • How many participants will attend the online interviews?
  • How long do video conference calls take on average?
  • Are you currently using a video conferencing system and are you looking for an integrated system with your existing online conferencing system?
  • Do you want computer and mobile device access feature in video conferencing systems at the same time?

If you know the answers to these questions, we can examine other details that you should pay attention to, especially video conferencing security and system quality when choosing.

Video Conferencing Security and System Quality

Video conferencing security and system quality are among the selection factors when choosing a video conferencing system. With encryption technologies, it prevents the data from being captured by third parties, and therefore, the preferred video conferencing system must have security standards such as AES, TLS and SRTP.

Number of Participants in Online Calls and Average Time in Video Conference Calls

Another important factor when making the selection is the number of online participants who will use the video conferencing system and the average duration of video conferencing calls. Choosing a video conferencing system in line with your needs, depending on the number of users and average call duration, will eliminate costly additional purchases and productivity losses in the future.

User Friendly Video Conferencing Systems

While a user-friendly interface and hardware in video conferencing systems will increase efficiency in the meetings to be held, it will also cause the users who provide online calls to feel the motivation of the face-to-face meeting in the video conference.

Video Conferencing Devices Connected via Mobile Devices

When choosing video conferencing devices and systems, you need to decide whether user participation will be provided only on computers or mobile devices. Video conferencing devices connected via mobile devices will enable users to easily participate in unplanned meetings, such as trips and travel, with the ability to connect from their mobile devices.

File and Screen Sharing with Video Conferencing

With this feature, which offers screen and file sharing to the participants in order to make video conference calls more effective and efficient, an important document or file can be easily shared with other users during the meeting.

Video Conference Recording

The video conference recording feature, which is perhaps the most useful and productive aspect of video conferencing, provides users with the opportunity to record their meetings or the training they receive, and offers the option to watch the conversations again at later stages. This feature, which is frequently used especially in online education, enables students to take notes by listening to their lectures later on the recording.

Which Video Conferencing Systems Should Be Used?

If you are thinking about which video conferencing systems should be used and you are not sure, you should determine your priorities in line with your needs listed above for you. During the selection phase of the video conferencing device, you should examine the camera resolution information and the microphone audio and video quality among the equipment used. After the device selection, you should consider how many screen outputs it supports at the point of teleconferencing or video conferencing software support, and whether there are recording features and screen sharing features.

How Much Are Video Conferencing Prices?

Video conferencing prices vary according to the features provided by video conferencing and teleconferences. Of course, even if it has different price groups, you need to review not the price of the video conferencing system, but the features it provides you and the prices for additional support, development and maintenance in the later process. In this direction, every company that provides this service for video conference prices, including Bircom, has different planning and packaging. Therefore, you have the right one according to your needs. video conferencing system you can choose.

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