Konferans ve Toplantı Odaları için Yenilikçi Çözüm BYOD Nedir?

Innovative Solution for Conference and Meeting Rooms What is BYOD?

Yealink has launched a new product line that will change the way you view your products.

BYOD series for meeting rooms

With all-in-one video bars and complete kits for meeting rooms of all sizes, you're sure to find a solution that fits your meetings.

It provides plug and play compatibility with almost any video conferencing platform.

Systems unlike anything Yealink has done in the past allow you to prepare your meeting and get it up and running quickly without having to figure out what platform your video conferencing device will be running on.

What is BYOD?

BYOD stands for “Bring Your Own Device” and refers to an application that allows employees to use their personal devices (e.g. laptops, tablets, smartphones) at work.

In the past, you had to confirm that the video conferencing device you wanted to use was compatible with the video conferencing platform you were using.

For example, if you were using your Video conferencing devices with Zoom, you would first have to make sure the device was compatible with Zoom and purchase additional licenses if needed based on your meetings.

With Yealink's BYOD kits for video conferencing, you can stop wasting time trying.

Yealink changed the game with premium audio and video quality and launched the BYOD series as video solution that is incredibly easy to connect to a variety of VCaaS (Video Conferencing Services).

How to Connect Yealink BYOD Kit?

BYOD kits come with a camera, microphone, and speaker. (Some come with BYOD Box Hub). To set up the system, simply connect the devices to a display.

The devices will be recognized as USB peripherals, which you can then select.

No matter which video conferencing platform you use, whether Zoom or Teams.

Here is an example setup for the UVC30 system taken from the user manual:


What Size Conference Room Are BYOD Kits Suitable For?

Yealink has a solution for almost every conference room. UVC30 for small rooms, UVC84-050 for medium-sized rooms and UVC84-210 for large conference rooms.


Yealink UVC30-CP900-BYOD Kit for Crowded Rooms

Let's take a closer look at Yealink's solution for crowded rooms: UVC30-CP900-BYOD. This all-in-one meeting kit is a cost-effective solution to your video and audio needs. It consists of a UVC30 Camera, CP900 HD Speaker and BYOD Box, which is a hub for IT.

Byod Box simplifies the wiring process and offers an easy-to-install system wherever it is located. No need to be afraid of complicated wiring. Everything fits perfectly. Enjoy the freedom to host any UC meeting, including Microsoft.

what is byod-kit

Yealink UVC40-BYOD Kit

The Yealink UVC40 is a professional video bar: an all-in-one solution that includes camera, soundbar and microphone built-in. This product from Yealink is perfect for small meeting rooms and small conference spaces. The UVC40-BYOD kit also includes a BYOD Box.

The UVC40 brings together some of Yealink's most innovative camera and speaker solutions, including outstanding 4K Ultra HD video resolution and auto-framing and speaker tracking, into a single, easy-to-use and install video bar.

Just turn it on, plug in the BYOD box and connect your devices. Setting up your conference room has never been easier, plus you get the convenience of getting a premium product at a reasonable price.


Yealink UVC84-BYOD-050 Kit for Medium Rooms

This conference kit is designed for mid-sized conference rooms in your office. This package contains three devices: UVC84 Camera, MSpeech Speaker and BYOD Box.

The UVC84 is a 4K Ultra HD camera with 12x optical zoom, auto-framing and PTZ control, providing lifelike communication to the conference room. This camera's ability to reproduce every detail allows people to see everyone's movement and facial expressions. MSpeech is a portable speaker that provides full duplex HD audio. With multiple installation options, this is the ideal video conferencing kit for midsize office spaces.


Yealink UVC84-BYOD-210 Kit for Large Rooms

Finally, we have Yealink's solution for large conference rooms: UVC84-BYOD-210.

This kit includes a UVC84 Camera, MSpeaker II Soundbar and two VCM34 microphone arrays.

The UVC84 provides exceptional video quality, MSpeaker lets everyone hear what people are saying, and the VCM34s give you 360° coverage to talk. Put it together, the kit is the perfect solution for a professional video conference.

Why Should I Choose Model UVC84-210-BYOD Instead of UVC84-050-BYOD?

Yealink, the fact that the UVC84-210 kit is defined for large rooms and the UVC84-050 kit for medium-sized rooms does not mean that you cannot use the UVC84-210 in medium-sized rooms. The kit, which comes with devices such as the MSpeaker II soundbar and VCM34 microphone arrays, provides enhanced sound quality and professional pickup coverage, while being easy to use and set up. The UVC84-210-BYOD kit, a conferencing solution with various compatibility options to cloud services, is a great option if you're looking for professional quality audio and video.

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