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What is IP67?

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What is IP Rating?

First, let's talk about what this rating means. IP (Ingress Protection) means Ingress Protection in Turkish and functions as an international protection sign. Developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), IP ratings are a type of rating that shows how well a product is protected against dust and water.

In all IP ratings IP is followed by two digits, the first digit indicates how well a product is protected against solids and the second digit indicates how well it is protected against liquids of varying pressure, volume and temperature. The first digit ranges from 1 to 6, the second digit ranges from 1 to 9.

What is IP67?

If a product has an IP67 rating, it indicates that it is waterproof. The 6 in the first digit means full protection against dust and protection against contact with objects larger than 1 mm in diameter, such as wire or a small tool, for a long period of time. 7 in the second digit indicates that the device is protected against short-term immersion in water when under pressure between 15cm and 1m. A rating of IP67 gives products in this class more protection than those with ratings of IP65 or IP66, both of which are only water resistant. Water resistant means that the system provides some degree of protection against water ingress, but not complete protection.

Why are products rated IP67?

For the product to achieve an IP rating, it must pass ingress protection tests by an independent and certified company. Once this has been decided, it should be decided which IP rating is desired to be obtained before the product is tested.

Three factors should be taken into account when making this decision. The ideal resistance level we want the product to have, the availability of the standards in the tests it will be subjected to, and the expectations of the customer portfolio from the product.

After all the steps, the necessary tests are carried out by the independent organization, the protection level of the product is determined and presented to the customer.

Yealink W59R is a professional ruggedized DECT handset with integrated Bluetooth and vibration alarm, certified to IP67 standard, well suited for dusty, humid and potentially harsh environments.

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