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What is Call Center Headset?

Call center headset is a communication tool used when making phone calls of call center employees. It usually consists of a headset and microphone connected to a telephone set or computer. Call center headsets allow employees to free their hands and use their computers at the same time. This provides a more efficient working experience and helps provide a fast and effective service to customers.

EPOS call center headsets are generally designed for long-term use. They can be worn comfortably, have noise canceling properties and provide clear sound transmission. EPOS has developed its own patented technology for this, EPOS Voice Clarity. In this way, the sound is transmitted clearly and naturally. In addition, some headsets may have features that allow call center workers to listen to music or participate in conference calls. For this, you can choose EPOS double-sided headphones. Call center headsets can be used in a variety of areas such as customer service, technical support, sales, attending meetings at home, or marketing. It is frequently preferred by call center management both to increase the performance of call center employees and to improve customer experience. Among the EPOS headsets, the most preferred products for call centers are the SC 30, SC 60, SC 230, SC 260 products in the IMPACT series. In the ADAPT series, ADAPT 130 and ADAPT 160 are among the preferred ones.

Call center headsets have several key features:

Comfort : Call center employees usually make long phone calls. Therefore, it is important that the headphones are comfortable. Soft cushions, adjustable headrests and lightweight designs provide comfort during extended use. The EPOS SC 30 and SC 60 are very light in terms of their design.

Voice Quality : Clear and intelligible voice transmission is important in customer calls. A good call center headset reduces background noise with its noise canceling features and provides clear audio transmission. It is possible to choose from product groups with ANC, that is, Active Noise Cancellation, and you can find such products in the ADAPT series or IMPACT series.

Ease of Use : The buttons and controls on the headset allow call center workers to easily perform functions such as answering, ending, muting or adjusting the volume. Some headsets may have integrated microphone and speaker controls. The employee profile in the call center is highly variable, so easy use of the products is very important. It will be best for this working environment not to be surprised by the plug-and-play headphones.

Compatibility : Call center headsets must be compatible with different phone systems or computer applications. They offer wide compatibility by offering connectivity options such as USB or 3.5mm audio jacks. EPOS provided both connections on some of its headphones. For example, the ADAPT 135 has both a jack and a USB input. When you disconnect the unit from the cable junction on the call control unit, you will get a headphone with a jack input.

You can also listen to music when you prefer two-sided wired, easy-to-use call center headsets.

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