Online Toplantı Çağı

Online Meeting Era

Virtual Meeting Era

Being able to freely connect with teams and customers around the world is a key feature of the online meeting age. However, we should not forget that we can get more efficient results when we complete the positive results of this feature with the right technology.

As we all experienced at the beginning of the pandemic, audio problems were common in online meetings, and most of us were ignoring this situation. However, as the world went into a new normal, people's expectations began to change, and these problems in online meetings became intolerable. Employers have also understood the importance of empowering their employees and companies with high quality audio and video technologies.

According to the data taken from the research article on virtual collaboration by Ipsos and EPOS in 2021;

79% of end users are aware of the efficiency of video conferencing, up 7% from 2020. 21% of employers state that they feel closer to their team through video meetings, and 17% believe it builds trust.

Employees Believe The Future Work Order Is Hybrid Work Order

While 53% of employers think that most employees will work more productively than the workplace next year, only 26% of employees think so.

As Always, Stay Professional

In online meetings, poor sound quality is a barrier to professionalism. While 60% of employers believe that better sound quality will help retain customers; 71% believe that uninterrupted communication will be at the forefront in the future.

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