EPOS Zoomtopianın Silver Sponsoru

Silver Sponsor of EPOS Zoomtopia

Since 2019, EPOS has developed a portfolio of Zoom-compatible headphones and speakers, marking an exciting milestone in 2021 with Zoom Personal Workspace certification with products ADAPT 130 USB-C II, ADAPT 160 USB II, ADAPT 231 and ADAPT 260.

Collaboration with Zoom, one of the most important platforms for virtual collaboration, provides customers with a high-quality and video-first UC platform with superior audio solutions of EPOS.

While EPOS takes its cooperation with Zoom to the next level with the execution of commercial projects, it also continues to offer high-quality audio solutions and seamless integration with Zoom meetings. Aiming to grow businesses even in the face of difficulties, both brands strive to provide the highest quality service to their customers.

Theis Mørk, Vice President of Global Product Management, commented: “Zoomtopia's 2021 theme, 'The Imaginarium', reflects 3 years of successful collaboration that embraces change, enables a hybrid workforce, and thrives on business challenges. With the certification of Zoom-compatible EPOS headphones and speakers, we demonstrate our commitment to developing this long-term partnership and providing fully integrated audio solutions for our customers.”

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