Zoom Hesabınızı Pro’ya Yükseltmeniz için 6 Neden

6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Zoom Account to Pro

Upgrade Your Zoom Account to Pro

One of the reasons why people turn to the Zoom application during the pandemic period is that it offers comprehensive features and quality performance even in its free version. Full of collaborations with different brands and functional communication features, Zoom's free account is the perfect option for your individual or corporate needs.

Of course! It's a free account. Just as one day you will have to stop using your friend's Netflix account (like most of us)… The need for better business communication, functionality and higher level control of your account will come to the fore. This means you will need to upgrade Zoom to the Pro account.

The good news is that if you are happy with what the free Zoom account offers you, what you can do with the Pro license will make you more happy, especially in these times when we have to keep social distance, when we need applications like Zoom so much.

Here are some useful tips when switching from Free to Pro:

1.) No Limit to 40 Minutes!

Although Zoom's free license gives you unlimited time for one-on-one meetings, this time drops to 40 minutes for group meetings. With Zoom Pro, you can hold meetings with up to 100 people without time limit and without worrying about re-entering the meeting.

2.) Save to Cloud

While you can only record your meetings on your computer or phone with the free version, you can register to the cloud with Zoom Pro. In this way, you can save space and share faster. Later, you can access these files from the Zoom interface, edit the files and save the trainings. And without the need to upload files to the cloud beforehand! Each Zoom Pro license comes with 1GB of cloud storage free for you.

3.) Social Media Post

Did you know that you can broadcast your Zoom meetings live on Facebook and Youtube? All you need is Zoom Pro License! With the Zoom Pro License, you can share your meetings from your broadcast settings. You can also reach a wider audience with special live broadcast channels.

4.) Get Wider User and Admin Control

Controlling communication solutions is a breeze with the Zoom Pro License. Admins have more control over end users' system usage and platform. For example, the administrator can provide remote licenses, remove users from the account, customize notifications, and activate cloud recording.

5.) Reporting Is Now Easy

With the Zoom Pro license, the administrator can access the reports section. Account holders and administrators can report how many meetings are in the organization, how many participants, when the meetings are, how long the meetings last, and many more details.

6.) More Zoom

You can enjoy more services with Zoom Pro. SIP/H.323 Room Connectors, Zoom Rooms and Zoom Webinars , as well as very high attendee Large Meeting meeting licenses and sound plans are just a few of them. At the same time, your developers for your Zoom account embedded chatbots, etc. You also get access to the ZOOM API, which allows users to build applications.

Leveraging these capabilities reduces user experience dissatisfaction and fosters productivity gains, enabling a more effective workforce. Who knows, maybe your app will be published on the Zoom App Marketplace for others to use!


Zoom Free Account gives you access to the world of video conferencing, but with the Zoom Pro License you enter it with a more controlled and functional eye for productivity, effectiveness and employee success.

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