EPOS ve Sennheiser: Kulaklık Sektöründe Köklü Bir Geçmiş

EPOS and Sennheiser: A Long History in the Headphone Industry

Who is EPOS?

EPOS was known until 2020 as Sennheiser Communications, a company founded in 2003 as a joint venture between audio pioneer Sennheiser and the world's leading hearing health group Demant. EPOS is a Denmark-based company that produces headphones for gaming and aviation, as well as corporate audio solutions within the Demant Group, the world leader in audio and hearing technologies. Based on the pioneering sound technology in the sound solutions it produces, it aims to perfect the sound experiences and unleash the human potential by offering innovative design and performance. Operating in 30 countries in the global market, Demant Group has 14 thousand employees.

EPOS was founded on its former joint venture Sennheiser Communications and combined its ear health knowledge with other companies within the Demant Group. Thanks to this combination, it continues to exist in 3 important sectors. We can list them as aviation, gaming headsets and corporate headsets.

Being part of the Demant Group means that EPOS is a part of the group, such as Oticon and Eriksholm, the world's leading research center. allows other companies to benefit from R&D synergies.


EPOS, which has been conducting psychoacoustic research on hearing health for years within the Demant Group, has data on how and when the brain performs best. It tries to provide perfect acoustics thanks to its technologies that reduce the cognitive load on the brain so that employees and players can perform better. While preventing acoustic shocks with ActiveGard technology, EPOS With the Voice Clarity feature, it aims to convey the voice clearly and naturally.

With its innovative sound enhancement technologies, EPOS makes your performance at work much more efficient by allowing you to hear and hear perfectly. EPOS aims to provide seamless communication to its customers with audio conferencing, room solutions and headsets. Of course, the priority of the Danish-based group brand is to increase efficiency.

It reflects the stylish Scandinavian style in its products and gives importance to timeless design. It follows the latest technologies and does not compromise on quality in its materials. EPOS ADAPT IMPACT And EXPAND It offers products suitable for every budget and every sector with its series.

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