Video Konferans Ürünlerini Alırken Neden Bircom’u Tercih Etmeliyim?

Why Should I Prefer Bircom When Buying Video Conferencing Products?

Bircom is one of Turkey's leading information technology distribution companies and offers many worldwide video conferencing product brands to the Turkish market. Bircom's advantages in video conferencing products are:

Wide Product Range

Bircom offers many different brands of video conferencing products. This gives you more options in choosing a product that fits your needs.

Technical support

Bircom offers technical support for the products it offers. This can assist you in installing, adjusting, and troubleshooting products.

You can find the connection diagrams and usages of Video conferencing products on our Technical Support Page. you can find . Also Technical Support Request Form You can create a demand for the corporate products we distribute or the technical problems you experience for music headphones/speakers.

Customer happiness

Bircom is known as a company that cares about customer satisfaction. In addition to the products you buy, they also give priority to customer satisfaction in after-sales services.

Affordable Prices

Bircom offers its products at competitive prices. This can enable you to purchase a suitable video conferencing product within your budget.

Local Distributor

Bircom is a local distributor in the Turkish market and can supply your products quickly. They can also offer on-site warranty and after-sales services for the products you purchase.

Zoom Türkiye Representative Bircom

As Zoom Turkey representative, Bircom Zoom Turkey is the answer to the question of how to get a Zoom License for Corporate Purchases since 2021.

In addition to being a Bircom Zoom representative, Zoom integrated and Zoom Certified video conferencing It has a video conferencing product portfolio that includes systems. This product portfolio is the most important feature that makes Bircom one step ahead of other Zoom vendors.

Bircom can be a good option for those who want to buy video conferencing products with the quality of the products it offers, technical support, customer satisfaction and reasonable prices.

bircom video conferencing You can see our products on this page.

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