Yüksek Kaliteli Ses ve Rahatlık EPOS ADAPT 260 ile Bir Arada

High-Quality Sound and Comfort in One with the EPOS ADAPT 260

A Comfortable World-Class Hearing Experience with ADAPT 260

With innovative sound enhancement technologies, EPOS headphones allow you to hear clearly, making your performance at work much easier. Talking to customers, working in different time zones, or listening when decisions need to be made, communicating and collaborating efficiently is all about equipment that delivers a seamless audio experience. EPOS provides tools that provide an uninterrupted audio experience for those situations where no one or nothing should be misunderstood. EPOS office headsets can also be used as multimedia headsets in daily life.

Thanks to the EPOS headphones, your conversations are clear and uninterrupted. Entry-level, office and hybrid products of EPOS, one of the most qualified players in its market, are still indispensable headphones of today. Thanks to the brand's own developed EPOS Voice Clarity, it provides a perfect sound experience. Apart from the wired series, the ADAPT 260 is among the EPOS bluetooth series. The ADAPT 260, which is in the Epos Adapt series and has a noise canceling feature, is a very comfortable headset.

It reflects the stylish and timeless Scandinavian style. EPOS The ADAPT 260 bluetooth headset is ideal for hybrid workers. light and  It provides you all day comfort with its artificial leather ear cushions. Crown adjustment is made from the ear cushions. Since the ear cushions are made of artificial leather, it is also very easy to wipe. If you do not want to use one-sided headphones in the office, such a model is also available. (EPOS ADAPT 230). EPOS ADAPT 260 You put on the ear pad, but you don't want to lose your communication with the environment, thanks to the folding of the ear pads sideways and inwards, you can immediately turn the single ear pad out and communicate with the environment with one ear. The EPOS ADAPT 260 hybrid earphones have a plastic construction, but also have an elastic lining, which ensures comfort during use. There is a slight camber at the very top of the crown, which again gives you peace of mind.

The microphone can be hidden so you can use it anywhere. You can easily listen to music outside, as well as make a meeting or make phone calls thanks to the noise filtering feature. Thanks to EPOS ActiveGard technology, it protects the ear from acoustic shocks. Headphones are also available in USB-C option. With the dongle that comes out of its bag, it connects to the PC and to the tablet or mobile phones via bluetooth. With the charging cable that comes with it, the ADAPT 260 can be charged and then offers you 27 hours of continuous use.

EPOS ADAPT 260 The bluetooth headset is Microsoft Teams certified and you can join or leave the meetings with the purple button on it.

The EPOS ADAPT 260 is compatible with every unified communication platform, whether you are meeting from Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom, there will be no interruptions.

The ADAPT 260 from the EPOS brand's bluetooth headset series is an affordable headset for hybrid workers or those seeking wireless freedom.

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