Demant Holding ve EPOS

Demant Holding and EPOS

Demant Holding is a Denmark-based company that provides hearing healthcare services and technologies worldwide. The company offers a range of hearing and sound-related products and services and its operations include a range of products and services including hearing aids, hearing implants, diagnostic equipment and personal communications. It employs approximately 15,000 people globally and provides hearing solutions to hearing care providers and consumers. It also develops a range of technologies and services for people with hearing loss and is committed to continuous innovation in this area.

The company's history dates back to Oticon, a hearing aid company founded by Hans Demant in 1904. Seeing that his wife was suffering from hearing loss, Hans Demant became committed to providing solutions in this area. This laid the foundation for the company's "People first" philosophy.

Demant Holding is known for both an overall commitment to hearing health and continuous technological innovation. It offers comprehensive expertise in hearing and communications technologies, with a range of brands and businesses that are world leaders in their field. It includes many well-known brands and businesses around the world. One of them is Oticon, a hearing aid manufacturer. Oticon is a global leader in hearing aids and other audio products. Demant also includes brands that offer leading personal and workplace communications solutions, such as EPOS. EPOS specializes specifically in gaming, office and call center headsets.

Some of the leading companies and brands that are part of the Demant Group are listed below:

  1. Oticon : It is a world-renowned hearing aid brand. Oticon offers a variety of products and services for people with hearing loss.
  2. Phonak Communications : A Swiss company that produces communications devices and solutions. Phonak offers professional and personal communications solutions for a variety of industries.
  3. Bernafon : Another brand that provides hearing aids and related services.
  4. Sonic : Another brand that offers hearing solutions.
  5. EPOS : Manufactures professional audio devices, including office, call center and gaming headsets. EPOS was formerly known as Sennheiser Communications and is a joint venture between Sennheiser and Demant. In 2020, it becomes a completely separate company, EPOS, and is separated from Sennheiser Communications.
  6. Maico : Manufacturer of hearing diagnostic devices.
  7. Interacoustics : A company that offers hearing and balance assessment systems.
  8. Philips Hearing Solutions : A company that offers high-quality hearing aids.

These companies offer a wide range of products, including hearing aids, hearing implants, diagnostic equipment, and personal communications solutions.

All these healthcare industry tools offer products produced with years of scientific research. EPOS has proven itself in the field of audio technology. It offers users products with superior sound quality with active noise cancellation, noise filtering and self-developed technologies. It has taken its place among today's leading brands with its video conferencing solutions, gaming headsets, corporate headsets, aviation headsets and audio conferencing devices.

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