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Why Small Businesses Should Choose Zoom

Zoom serves organizations of all industries and sizes because our Zoom Communications Platform can flexibly scale to fit any number of users and budgets. But one of the coolest parts of our job is seeing how impactful Zoom can be on small businesses. As a Zoom Turkey representative, you can always get support from our expert team in offering the most suitable opportunity to our business partners and users.

Communication should help every growing business achieve its goals but also meet its ever-evolving needs. Zoom's simplicity and ease of use, not to mention tiered pricing and usage plans, make it easier for small business teams to manage their time and increase productivity.

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Here are five reasons why small businesses choose Zoom to help them do it all and grow their customer base, revenue, and organization.

1. Zoom is easy to install, use and manage

Zoom provides direct purchasing and distribution with no hidden fees. One click is all it takes to start or join any meeting, and Zoom provides easy collaboration and participant controls. In short, you don't need an IT team to launch and manage Zoom.

2. Modern communication with Zoom for your distributed team

Get your entire team together for a meeting on video (up to 100 participants as standard) or for a quick one-on-one meeting. Our HD video and audio delivers robust communication even in low-bandwidth environments, so your teams can easily connect, collaborate and work agilely.

3. Zoom is the only platform for meetings, webinars and chat

Use your resources wisely with a single solution for video meetings, webinars, cloud calling and group chats. Your employees only need to use one tool.

4. Connect to Zoom via desktop clients, browsers, conference rooms, and mobile devices

We're all about flexibility and simplicity. Zoom works seamlessly across all your operating systems—PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android—so your employees won't be tied to specific devices. You can also affordably video-enable any conference room or meeting space with Zoom Rooms, which is hardware-agnostic and simple to set up (even first-graders can do it!). Or try one of Zoom's all-in-one devices that further simplify the way you distribute, manage, and scale the room experience.

5. Zoom best value and return on investment

Until recently, Zoom was a small business, and we know how important it is to do more faster and build relationships through face-to-face interaction. Zoom helps you do just that by offering a ton of video communication features for one low monthly price. Our integrations with Google and Microsoft will make your meetings easier, and our App Marketplace has over 200 integrations with leading apps like KAhoot Slack and PayPal to leverage the power of Zoom.

The Zoom platform provides leading communication services for every small business looking to become the next big business.

Want to learn more about how Zoom can help your business meet and collaborate more effectively? Join us as Zoom Türkiye Representative for a personalized demo. contact You can pass.

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