Beklenmedik Bir Durum Olduğunda Zoom Phone ile İletişimde Kalın

Keep in touch with Zoom Phone when the Unexpected Situation Happens

With AudioCodes and Zoom Phone, Don't Lose Your Communication Even in an Unexpected Situation

In an increasingly complex and interconnected business world, unexpected things can and do happen. But when such “things” happen to large organizations, when vital communication between employees and customers is interrupted, the consequences can often be costly and even irreversible.

This applies to startups using traditional on-premise systems, as well as to any startup that migrates to a cloud communications system with essential requirements, maximum reliability, and local viability.

So, how can organizations using Zoom Phone ensure that their employees stay in touch and their productivity doesn't drop?

Zoom recently announced the launch of the Zoom Phone native sustainability (ZPLS) module, which provides a flexible environment for large-scale organizations such as retailers, schools, and universities.

This new solution maintains local communication in the event of cloud connectivity, allowing organizations to continue their day-to-day business and continue delivering critical services to their customers. Beyond relying on the flexibility of the cloud and the availability of WAN connectivity, this solution also represents another area of ​​sustainability for companies using Zoom Phone.

When the module is enabled, ZPLS supports extension calling, incoming and outgoing PSTN calls (requires local PSTN connection), E911 support for Emergency Service calls, Call Hold/Resume, Call Park, and dedicated third-party conference calling. Besides, it also supports searching contacts and dialed numbers from a device's call history.

AudioCodes is one of the first companies to support this exciting new technology by providing a device running ZPLS with a session boundary controller (SBC) and/or a gateway for local PSTN connectivity.

This innovative device houses a small-scale server or Zoom Node, which is directly connected to the Zoom Cloud during normal operations and operates independently when communication with the cloud is lost. Zoom Node provides a secure framework for hosting ZPLS and similar workloads locally and is managed and controlled from the Zoom Cloud so that ZPLS software (and other workloads) can be automatically updated from the cloud and easily revert to backup mode when the connection is re-established. This allows Zoom Phone users to maintain locally in a simple and seamless way.

Having both ZPLS and SBC running in one box leaves little room for configuration errors, but also reduces the number of equipment we have to deal with.

The AudioCodes ZPLS device and AudioCodes SBCs can be managed through the One Voice Operations Center (OVOC). This makes it easy for busy IT professionals to control a large network of ZPLS devices, SBCs and other devices from anywhere.

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