EPOS BrainAdapt™ – Zihniniz İçin Tasarlanmış Ses

EPOS BrainAdapt™ – Sound Designed for Your Mind

EPOS BrainAdapt™ is a group of pioneering technologies working together to improve cognitive performance.

Headphones, speakers and video solutions in EPOSBrainAdapt™ technology are designed to support the brain's natural way of processing sound. This means less fatigue and more focus for both you and the people you come in contact with.

Through decades of psychoacoustic research through the Demant Group, EPOS has data on how and when the brain performs best. It designs unique algorithms and acoustics as well as audio and video solutions to provide the best conditions for the brain.

We Hear With Our Ears But We Listen With Our Brains

Your brain is constantly scanning the environment, orienting itself to its surroundings, distinguishing relevant sounds from disturbing noises, and choosing where to focus. Orient, focus, recognize – this is the brain's process to make sense of sound. Unrecognizable sounds are perceived as noise, and noise stresses your brain, causing it to become tired and unfocused.
It's about understanding how the brain makes sense of sound, it's important to consider technologies, the brain's resting process, and scientific studies to have a great sound experience.
Being part of the Demant Group allows EPOS to benefit from R&D synergies from other companies within the Group, such as Oticon and their employees. Steps such as scientific proof, auditory neuroscience research and defining the sound profile are applied in the design of a product. Voice profiles are tailored for optimal cognitive performance based on the use case.

Product development

In order to provide the best conditions for your brain, it is important to integrate finely tuned acoustics and advanced algorithms into solutions.

Scientific research

Comprehensive user tests are conducted to measure cognitive load through scientific research.
Eriksholm Research Center is the world's largest psychoacoustics research facility, part of Oticon, near Helsingør, Denmark. The multidisciplinary team of experts identifies and demonstrates new opportunities in the fields of psychoacoustics, audiology, signal processing and behavioral science. At Eriksholm Research Center, EPOS documents and presents the benefits of using EPOS solutions with advanced and proven testing methods.

Comprehensive User Test to Measure Brain Activity

With this form of research, a unique technical capability, EPOS is truly pioneering and successful in measuring cognitive load in the brain. It is important to use proven data and technologies to provide the brain with better performance conditions.

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