Video Konferans ile Verimliliği Arttırmanın 5 Yolu

5 Ways to Increase Efficiency with Video Conferencing

In SME or business management, it is an easy way to strengthen team collaboration with video conferencing. Unlike phone calls and calls over IP (VoIP), high-definition video conferencing allows you to meet face-to-face with your customers and colleagues, even when you're far away.

According to research, the importance of video conferencing in team collaboration:

  • According to Polycom and Redshift surveys, 96% of business leaders describe video conferencing as challenging distance and breaking down cultural barriers.
  • Nearly 90% of remote workers say video conferencing helps them feel more connected to their colleagues.
  • 94% of businesses using group video chats report increased productivity.

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5 ways to improve video conferencing collaboration and increase productivity while reducing costs:

1. Improve Communication

In today's workforce where flexibility and clarity are prioritized, video conferencing brings both remote workers and in-office workers together easily and directly. Teams can exchange ideas via video and remove negative situations that hinder decision making and communication. In addition, video conferencing enables leaders to communicate important information to different teams and departments simultaneously, reducing the need for multiple meetings, lengthy emails, and business travel.

2. Facilitate Collaboration

Video conferencing, one-click content sharing, etc. It allows people to focus more on what they really need to solve. Often, relying solely on email or calling to resolve issues takes too much of a day. These situations can easily be resolved with face-to-face video conversations, with real-time collaboration capability that allows team members to brainstorm and make on-the-spot decisions.

3. Protect Information

Video conferencing helps protect information for teams by automatically recording meetings, events or information transfers. These recordings can be used to catch team members who miss meetings or to loop through other employees who need to know what's going on. Even employees who are physically present at the meeting but mentally at the gourmet cafe down the street can go back and review important information they may have overlooked. The recorded videos can also be used as training tools for new employees.

4. Increase Engagement

When employees are equipped with the tools they need to participate effectively in a virtual meeting, they are more likely to attend the meeting on time and actively contribute to the conversation. However, sometimes it's not possible to get everyone in the same virtual room for a live video conference at the same time – especially if your workforce is spread over different time zones. Employees who are unable to attend the meeting at the appointed time can catch up to an important meeting after the event, then work with their input and the business continues to move forward.

5. Simplify Management

By deploying a unified online meeting solution with a simple centrally managed user interface, teams can focus on their meetings instead of having to troubleshoot every meeting. It can be helpful to have everyone have the same video footage of what's going on when there's a problem. For example, IT teams troubleshooting a tough server issue with their vendors can benefit from looking at the same indicator lights, while sales professionals with questions about how a new product is working can join a video chat with their product team counterparts. Things to be taken back and forth endlessly over an email or phone call can now be quickly resolved in a video call.

Face-to-face time is essential for team building and collaboration, sales and customer relationships. But with videoconferencing, your team can stop writing and become united.

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