BH71 & BH72 Revolution for Hybrid Operation from Yealink

Hybrid is the New Favorite of Workers with its Elegant Design, Superior Noise Canceling Features and Long Battery Life

Yealink, a leading global provider of enterprise communications and collaboration solutions, has introduced the BH71 and BH72 Bluetooth headsets specifically designed for hybrid working. With this introduction, crystal clear sound quality, elegant design and seamless collaboration with unified communications (UC) devices revealed what an impressive experience it creates for hybrid workers in the post-pandemic era.

Offering a perfect solution to the challenges of different working environments, long-term use needs and multi-device collaboration, BH71 and BH72 also show an outstanding performance in terms of battery efficiency. Offering 35 hours of talk time for the BH72 and 30 hours for the BH71, these headphones work in perfect harmony with Yealink's PowerStation & UC Workstation, which makes desktop collaboration simple and effective.

Yealink BH71

The BH71 doesn't just offer noise cancellation and wireless communication. With noise canceling technology in the form of a four-microphone array, it can reduce 90% of background noise. It offers comfortable use with its adjustable ear hook and 18g light weight. Offering 10 hours of talk time, BH71 offers an additional 20 hours of talk time with the charging box. Weighing just 50g, this lightweight design is ideal to take anywhere.

Yealink BH72

Yealink BH72 is a headset designed for daily use. With Acoustic Shield Technology, it can reduce 90% of background noise. With 35 hours of talk time, it maximizes employee conversation and collaboration. The headset has an adjustable microphone arm, allowing users to make comfortable adjustments.

Yealink's new BH71 and BH72 Bluetooth headphones offer hybrid workers an excellent experience with crystal clear sound quality, elegant design and superior noise canceling capabilities in the post-pandemic era.

So why are you waiting? If you would like to experience this extraordinary experience, discover Yealink's new BH71 and BH72 Bluetooth headsets at now and take your hybrid working experience to the next level!

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