KEF Announces Its New Special Design, LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition!

KEF's Audio Mastery Meets Lotus' Aesthetics: LS60 Wireless Special Design

KEF, the UK's leading audio brand, has collaborated with prestigious British car manufacturer Lotus to announce the LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition, a new limited edition version of the award-winning LS60 Wireless speaker system.

This special edition is designed in a British Racing Green color finish inspired by the iconic color of Lotus sports cars. Additionally, the speakers feature a unique speaker grille with the Lotus logo and packaging made from sustainable materials.

The LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition maintains the unparalleled sound quality offered by the standard LS60 Wireless, while offering a more natural and immersive sound stage with KEF's Uni-Q driver array.

The LS60 Wireless Lotus Edition comes with a host of premium features such as high-resolution audio support, wireless streaming and multi-room audio.

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