EPOS Introduced the New IMPACT 1000 Series Powered by BrainAdapt™ Technology, Reducing Brain Fatigue and Offering a Superior Conversation Experience in Open Office Environments!

IMPACT 1000, the first product series after leaving Sennheiser and using BrainAdapt™ technology, was designed to meet the demands of the developing professional headphone market as the global audio and video brand of EPOS. This new headset represents a revolutionary step in preventing the brain from overworking in open office environments.

Protect Your Brain in Open Offices

Supported by EPOS's BrainAdapt™ technology, IMPACT 1000 ensures that your message is clearly conveyed to the other party thanks to its industry-leading voice pickup feature supported by Adaptive Active Noise Canceling (ANC) and EPOS AI™. Open office environments can make communication difficult due to noise. IMPACT 1000 minimizes the background noise in your work area with Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), thus allowing you to focus on your conversations.

Industry-Leading Audio Reception for Focused Conversations

EPOS AI™ technology scans the sounds in the environment 32,000 times per second, suppressing unwanted noise and amplifying desired sounds. Thus, it ensures that only relevant sounds are transmitted to the person the user is talking to.

Real Comfort Experience

It provides comfort all day long thanks to its lightweight design, soft cushions, wide band and natural sound transmission. The wireless charging stand offers easy use with intuitive headphone controls and a series of smart features. Additionally, with the increase in wireless office solutions from 27% to 37%, IMPACT 1000 offers its users the possibility of simultaneous wireless connection of up to three devices.

The New Market Standard for Open Office Headsets

IMPACT 1000 is a superior headset designed in response to the challenges of modern work environments. With its powerful technologies and user-friendly features, it reduces brain fatigue, blocks unwanted sounds and helps users increase their productivity and performance levels. With the growing need for Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), IMPACT 1000 offers the perfect solution to the challenges of modern work environments. EPOS' BrainAdapt™ technology enables users to convey their messages clearly.

Theis Mørk, Vice President of Product Management at EPOS, commented on the IMPACT 1000 series: “The IMPACT 1000 is a true game changer for speech-oriented professionals. We know that for businesses tackling the complexity of the new open office, it is critical to invest in products that deliver long-term benefits for both employees and financial bottom lines. Powered by our cutting-edge technologies, IMPACT 1000 empowers users to achieve more, even in difficult environments.”

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