Julian Vereker, founder of Naim Audio,
With his deep passion for music, he built his own amplifiers and speakers in the 1960s.
started to design. Originally live via own home system
Disappointed with the poor response to performances, he
focused on performance aspects that will bring it to life. The first in this field in 1969
experimented and in 1972 to supply audio equipment to Capital Radio.
He signed his first major contract.

Vereker, who officially founded Naim Audio in 1973, crowned the company with the prestigious The Queen's Award in 1985, and the company was awarded the 21st century. He won this award twice more in the century. In 2000, the flagship product, the NAP 500 power amplifier, was launched and redefined Naim Audio's industrial design.

The company, which produced special in-car audio systems in collaboration with Bentley in 2008, won the What Hi-Fi Product of the Year award with its all-in-one player Naim Uniti in 2009. Naim Audio celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2013 and in 2017 collaborated with Princess Yachts on unique audio systems for the marine environment.

The company improved its music streaming platform, wi-fi connectivity and multi-room music capabilities with the Mu-so 2nd Generation in 2019, and both that product and the more compact Qb won multiple awards.

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