Founded in 1961, British loudspeaker manufacturer KEF has been a proud pioneer of audio excellence in its industry from day one. KEF, which is the abbreviation of the words Kent Engineering & Faundry, was born with Raymond Cooke in Kent, England and has spread its quality all over the world. It is a manufacturer of Hi-Fi audio products that continues its activities under the umbrella of GP Acoustics as of 2018.

1960s: Beginnings

As a former employee of the BBC, Raymond Cooke developed the first KEF loudspeakers with his deep knowledge of audio technology. During the 1960s, the company made significant innovations in high frequency unit (HF) and low frequency unit (LF) production. KEF attracted the attention of the market with innovative products such as its first product, the three-way K1 speaker, and the ultra-compact Celeste. In the 1970s, KEF was the first company to implement computerized speaker design and introduced the legendary LS3/5a mini monitor.

1980s and 1990s: International Success

KEF became known internationally in the 1980s and 1990s. The company introduced Uni-Q driver technology, which allows sound to spread over a wider area, providing listeners with an unforgettable sound experience. Additionally, KEF gained a strong position in the market by offering innovative products for home theater systems in the 1990s.

MAT Technology

In 2011, the BLADE speaker was launched and at the same time revolutionary products such as the LS50 Wireless were introduced. The brand has also been a pioneer in sound absorption technologies such as Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT). MAT has become a revolutionary acoustic tool, absorbing 99% of unwanted sound from speakers.

2000s and Today: Continuous Innovation

Uni-Core technology, introduced in 2021, brought a new perspective to subwoofer designs and managed to reduce the physical size of the speakers and increase their performance. In short, by constantly innovating in audio technology since its founding, KEF maintains its commitment to quality and excellence and carries its hifi audio vision into the future.

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