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Audiocodes is a leading brand in the market for more than 20 years, providing voice communication over 10 million ports in the world, working in harmony with other brand products and providing superior sound quality. Operating in over 100 countries, Audiocodes is the brand preferred by operators and companies receiving VoIP services with its price-performance ratio.

AudioCodes designs, develops and brings to market advanced VoIP and data network devices and communication applications for service providers and businesses.

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Devices that integrate old technology telecom structures into new generation IP Switchboard systems are called VoIP Gateways. In structures, PRI Gateways are used for PRI lines, FXO Gateways for PSTN lines, and GSM Gateways for GSM lines. Old type phones are integrated into IP Switchboards with FXS Gateways.

SBC, (Session Border Control) is the general name given to the devices used by telecom operators that carry voice over the internet (Voip) to provide access to the network from the outside world, to provide security, proxy and many other features. To summarize briefly, it is the firewall of the Voip world. SBC specifications vary by manufacturer. Most SBC manufacturers sell these features as licenses.

MediaPack 112 Analog VoIP Gateway, 2 FXS, SIP Package
MP114 FXS MP114/4S/SIP Gateway
MP114 FXO Gateway
MP114 2FXS 2FXO Gateway
MP118 FXS Gateway
MP118 FXO Gateway

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AudioCodes Mediant 500, 1 E1/T1, SIP
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AudıoCodes Medıant 500, 1 E1/T1, SIP

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