Sesin Kusursuz Çağrısı: Astell&Kern Layla III AION

The Perfect Call of Voice: Astell&Kern Layla III AION

Born as a result of the perfectionist collaboration between Astell&Kern, one of the groundbreaking brands of the Hi-Fi audio world, and Jerry Harvey Audio, Layla III AION realizes its goal of reaching the purest and most original form of music.

As a specialist manufacturer of portable and non-portable audio systems, Astell&Kern has the ultimate ability to play high-resolution audio files without compromise. When you combine this with the team of engineers and technicians who produce Jerry Harvey Audio's signature line of headphones used on professional stages, the result is truly breathtaking.

Layla was a turning point for the audiophile world when it was first released in 2014. Both the Carbon Fiber Edition and Full Metal Jacket models have attracted great attention as the industry's first full carbon fiber and full titanium headphones.

Now, the brand's latest model, called Layla III AION, has a number of features that will excite every music lover in the world of in-ear monitor headphones. While Layla III AION transmits the purest and most intense form of sound, it also offers a comfortable usage experience.

Astell&Kern Layla III AION is an indispensable companion on your journey to discover true sound. It is designed for those who want to listen to music in its clearest and purest form and capture every detail of the performance.

Immerse yourself in a completely renewed musical experience with the sharpness and richness of all details. Layla III AION should be the choice of those who want to reach the deepest corners of sound. Experience music in its purest and deepest form with these extraordinary headphones.

Astell&Kern Layla III AION is here to meet the expectations of true music lovers.

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