Ses Teknolojisinin Sınırlarını Zorlayan Yeni Nesil: Focal Bathys

The New Generation Pushing the Boundaries of Sound Technology: Focal Bathys

Focal, one of the leading brands in audio technology, is reaching a new milestone in its innovation journey: Focal Bathys. Pushing the limits of technology, this wireless headset offers an extraordinary acoustic experience and meets today's wireless connection expectations.

When we visited Focal's production base in Saint-Étienne 16 years ago, we were fascinated by the rapid advancement of technology and mastery of sound engineering for three full working days during which every speaker was explained in detail. The Focal Spirit 1 produced at the time was considered an outstanding example of audio engineering.

Now, Focal is moving into a new phase in the evolution of the audio world: Focal Bathys. This new model, which the brand launched last month, was handmade in France and is the first wireless headset with Adaptive Noise Canceling (ANC).

With Bluetooth® multi-connection option, high-end amplifier DAC technology and optimized "silent mode", Bathys sets a new standard in sound quality. Meanwhile, "soft mode" makes it easier to concentrate in areas such as home or office, while "transparency" mode allows outside sounds to be heard.

With over 30 hours of battery life, aluminum/magnesium diaphragm drivers, 24-bit/192kHz resolution, robust and ergonomic design, fast charging function and adjustable EQ to customize the sound, Bathys is revolutionizing wireless headphones.

With access to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice assistants, SBC, AAC, Apt-XTM and Apt-XTM Adaptive codecs, "clear audio capture" microphone technology for phone calls, and a stylish carrying case with two identical cables for those who want wired listening, Focal Bathys is not just a headphone, it is also a lifestyle icon.

Focal Bathys, which we have not had the opportunity to listen to yet, will come to our country in December. We can't wait to experience this new product from Focal. The technology world is eagerly waiting for what Focal will offer with Bathys.

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