Yealink IP Telefon Yealink Ekranında Kalma Hatası (Recovery mod USB ile)

Yealink IP Phone Stuck on Yealink Screen Error (With Recovery mode USB)

The error of "YEALINK" remaining on the opening screen of Yealink IP phones can be fixed with Yealink recovery mode.

In order to put recovery mode on Yealink IP phones, we open a ticket to Bircom and request the “.rfs” “.bin” “.rom” files.

We can do the recovery mode using Tftp or using usb. Our example was performed with USB.

  1. We put “.rfs” “.bin” “.rom” files into the USB memory.
  2. We insert the USB memory into our phone.
  3. We connect the power cable of the IP phone.
  4. We hold down the speaker button while the phone is turned on.
  5. We install the recovery files by selecting the USB option on the screen.
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